What the f*** is going on in Hong Kong?

A Few Wise Words is a blog that tries to explain big stories in little ways, cutting through the bullshit and telling you the stuff you really want to know. The podcast brings you 3 lads, with differing view points, to debate each side of a story and let you know why it has made it’s way into the news. We’re not experts, we’re just here to do research for you.

We want to focus on topics that don’t seem to hit the top headlines, add a bit of variety to your timeline and stay away from the same old repetitive news. Hopefully making news interesting again.

For our first foray into the podcasting world we decided to have a chat about Hong Kong and why they are just so good at protests. We explain what makes Hong Kong unique, what they’re protesting about and why China are getting all the bad press. Hopefully you might learn something. 

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