Podcast – Uighur concentration camps, why don’t we know more?

Yep you heard us right. In the 2020’s there really is concentration camps holding people against their will but barely anyone knows about it.

Native Chinese have had conflict with the Uighur Muslims that reside in the far west of their country for generations but this government have taken that one step further. Thousands of Uighur’s are being forced from their homes every week and no one seems to be on their side. The facts are limited and the rumours range from re-education camps to harvesting organs for wealthy buyers – scary stuff.

We’re not going to kid you, it’s pretty dark but we think it’s important for people to keep talking about and it’s important to find out more. This is going to be our last podcast for a while, whilst we take time to re-organise and come back bigger and better. But for now, get a cuppa, put on that tin foil hat and jump in.

YZ 🙂

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